My Training Week by Cassie Nutkins


So I’ve been asked to write a guest blog – I’m Cassie, Joe Nutkin’s 15 year old Norwich Terrier 🙂

I love learning new things despite my lack of hearing and having cataracts in both eyes, and vary between progressing old training and learning completely new things 🙂 When I get I right I get thumbs up from mum and as tasty treat and it’s fab!

This past week we have done a combination of our fitness exercises and some tricks towards my Champion Trick Title. The fitness is to help me stay active and including strengthening my core, my back legs and now also my shoulders and I can safely says it’s helping – I can once again jump back in the front and back doors despite steps of nearly a foot high out front (I’m not even a foot tall!) and it means I can race round the garden and on walks too!

When we work on fitness we warm up first, then vary the exercises each time – so today it was standing with paws on exercise equipment while we adjusted weight on front and back legs, yesterday we looked at cavaletti for leg awareness and sits to stands for rear leg work! Then we cool down at the end – really important plus often means a few extra treats too!

My current tricks are the last few needed towards my Champion Trick X Title – I achieved Expert last June and we stopped for a while but recently started filming my champion tricks – I’m now working on polishing my target training again plus a chain trick – this means mum gives one cue (a point) and I do a couple of things in a row without extra help or cues.  I’m loving the tricks – have learn lots of new things and mum is patient with me, using hand signals to help me see what is wanted, thumbs up, smiles, fuss and treats to let me know I’ve worked it out, and sometimes my nephews Taylor and Merlin get to have a try too – they only get it right because I’ve shown them!


Anyhoo – here is a link to a tiny trick that I enjoy – turning off a touch lamp – it might not look much but when you can’t hear and have limited vision having a cue from distance is harder and I sometimes forget what I supposed to be doing but here I told I was ‘fabulous’ – and intend to agree

Mum works closely with senior dogs, for her general training plus her Senior Dogs Classes and her Senior Dogs Progress Awards and her practise with me has helped her learn more about us golden oldies – in glad to have helped mum help numerous older dogs move better and enjoy more brain work!!!

Thankyou for reading my blog and I hope you liked it, or at least some of it.

Cassie x

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