Too wet or muddy outside? Then give your dog an indoor workout!


Brain workout, that is!

I’m Taylor, Joe’s middle Norwich Terrier and will be 12 in May 🙂

I LOVE learning, practicing, sharpening, progressing – all areas of the training process! I enjoy going to workshops and practicing on walks but also training at home!

When it’s heavy rain or we know local walks (& our back garden!) are boggy and not much fun for us to walk in we often do extra training in the home. This can be the lounge, conservstory or kitchen and ‘mum’ puts non slip mats down for us!

What we train on differs each time; something new to us that needs some repetition, something needed towards a title or certificate, maybe exercises we havent done for a while so it’s a refresher! Sometimes it tricks or heelwork to music, other times obedience exercises, conditioning work or Wag It games! It’s varied so we have a nice surprise and it gives us dogs plenty of different training to keep us motivated!

Days when we are confined to indoors more are a great opportunity to spend time working on areas that are more difficult so require more time spent on them, or areas you would like to achieve but don’t enjoy so much or need items for which are difficult to take out on a walk!  You can see in one of my photos we are practising circling poles for HTM – not an easy one to practise halfway round a walk (unless mum has her walking stick with her, but we can’t rely on that lol!)

If you’re not sure what to work on maybe think of exercises you can do with you dog next to you in heel – can your dog do the same in opposite heel?? We call our right hand heel ‘side’ and regular help is ‘heel’. If you can achieve a position directly in front of you try stepping a foot away then ask for it and start building some progression! I love distance work!

Or if you can do good stays in the lounge on a nice comfy carpet have a try in a room with laminate flooring or vinyl! If too slippery pop a mat or blanket on the floor. These different surfaces help your us dogs generalise!

If you’re really stuck how about joining one of our Facebook Tricks classes – they are free to join and take part in – run as 6 week courses with 3 new tricks posted each week for you to try with your dogs and of course the tutorials are fab as I do some and Cassie and Merlin do some of the others! You can try tricks you like and bypass ones you don’t. There is also chance to work towards official Tricks Titles but that is entirely optional!

“Cassimas Maximus Sparks Tricks Team” Facebook Group

For any Golden Oldie dogs like myself you might also like to look at our Senior Dogs Progress Awards! Designed to keep dogs over 7 more active for mind and body, giving us more to learn and exercises designed to teach us body strengthening and mental stimulation. The awards have various categories and you can choose  the exercises that suit your dog best! I’ve passed Level 1, age 7+ (Second dog to pas) and really must work on Level 2, plus Age 10+ Level 1 also!!



“DTES Senior Dog Awards – Facebook Group”

So being at home doesn’t mean boring – even when we go away in the caravan mum manages to work on our training – it might be just one piece of fitness equipment or smaller exercises like heel position, give paw or stays but it’s fun for us dogs and helps us work our minds!!

Enjoy your next ‘stay at home’ day – it might be a lot more fun then you first thought!

Taylor Nutkins, guest blogger!

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