New Year, New Ways to Help Dogs and Families

So tonight I’ve decided to start a blog! This is brand new to me but I’m hoping to be able to post about the training I do with my own dogs plus dogs I’m privileged to meet in my training classes and my online classes!

This first post really is to say hi and introduce myself – I’m owned by 3 Norwich Terriers, Cassie (15), Taylor (11 1/2) and Merlin (4) and have run Dog Training for Essex & Suffolk dog training centre for several years.

I’m incredibly eager to help as many dogs and families be happier, communicate better and help dogs continue to be active in both mind and body as they get older, following illness or injury and for the day to day health and welfare of our dogs.

I still teach Cassie new things regularly in brain stimulation as well as physical conditioning and strengthening and she loves it all!

I hope to be able to offer tips, insights and definately hope to entertain some people along the way – while I’m learning about blogging please bear with me!

Happy 2016 and here’s to trying something new!




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