Grass Seeds : Danger hidden in plain sight!

Grass Seeds :

We’re in the time of year for the pesky grass seeds to be everywhere you turn so here’s a reminder of how easy it is for these little beasts to cause problems for our dogs!

These photos are showing parts of grass seeds – they can be longer overall or the long barbs can be twice this length at least also.

Anywhere grass can grow they can be found – not just in large fields of long grass. I do hear “but my dog doesn’t like long grass so won’t get them” – these two grass seeds are from my walk this evenings with my dogs around my block! No fields, just some grass verges with trees and the grass seeds grow in little clumps on grass and around tree bases.

They tend to get caught in fur, especially longer fur, and they are most dangerous with fur around the face, ears and paws as the seeds get stuck, then can pierce the paw or get into the ear canal, nostril or eye and work their way in but the barbs make it hard to get them out or the ends break off leaving a small part inside.

These can then cause discomfort for your dog and cause then to itch, nibble, lick the area or sneeze if it’s the nose. Not only this but can become infected, and even move further into the body which can require surgery!

So, keep up with your grooming including:
🐾 Trimming fur around paws and between pads
🐾 Checking dogs ears and ear fur
🐾 Comb your dogs nose fur / moustache regularly if your dog is a bit fluffy
🐾 Comb / brush your dogs after a walk or check their paws, legs and faces

In the last week I know of dogs who have needed the vets for a grass seed in the

eye, another dog in the ear and two dogs with them in their paws. All are ok now. Ripley had one caught in her moustache a few days ago narrowly missing her nose!

If you need any help with the grooming side of things we do have some help on grooming and paws here:

General grooming and paws:

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